Coaching Inspired by Agile

Encouraging iterative introspection for the benefit of everyone.

My Coaching Stance

From as early as I can remember I wanted to change the world. I am a liberal to my core, and believe that everyone should have equality of opportunity. I see that the greatest inequities in our time are not just in foreign lands, but in every workplace I encounter. Untrained and unsupported managers are damaging the mental health and shortening the life expectancy of those they should be there to serve. I will serve those managers, so that they can be a positive force in their worlds.

I believe in making the workplace a safer, friendlier, and more desirable places to be. In a complex world where creativity leads to profitability, it is crucial that management can hold a space that inspires and where creativity can flourish. I support and coach managers and teams to bring out the best in themselves and those around them.


When an individual has control over their life they will create good in every part of their life. I can provide opportunities for people to understand themselves and those around them better so that they can take control of their future. A well supported team showing respect and courage can support each other to become the best versions of themselves. I will support and encourage people to find their way, but it is for each of them to determine what their best self looks like.

Reserved Understanding

I shall be slow to show my emotions and opinions, but quick to show that I understand what those I support are telling me. I will look for the patterns that people and teams exhibit, support them through reflecting upon those behaviours, and help them to create strategies for self-improvement. When those I’m serving are directing their emotional responses to change towards me, I will be compassionate that they are experiencing discomfort and not engage in an emotional response.

Creative Space

I don’t need to have all the answers, and must not pressure myself when I cannot provide one. A team of brains will always be greater than my own alone. I will ask the people I work with what help they need and how I can provide it for them. I will create an environment that allows those around me to think of, speak about, and create the solutions to the problems they aim to solve.


I will watch for and acknowledge the positives that I see. I must self-manage any feelings that I experience, whether positive or negative, that may push away those that I am trying to serve. Without acknowledging the good of the now I risk alienating those who have fought and won battles to achieve it. Without acknowledging the bad of now I risk alienating those who are fighting hard to beat it. The place I meet individuals, teams, and organisations in is the place I have to move to in order to support their growth beyond it.

Mental Wellbeing

Toxic environments create toxic behaviours. I look after most those who behave the worst. Dysfunctional behaviour is a symptom of someone who is unable to express what they are feeling or what they need from their environment. I will do my best to build bonds with everyone so that they all feel safe enough to express themselves in a healthy and positive manner. Once people can express their fears, hopes, and dreams, I will support them to overcome the negative and achieve the positive. I will do my best to not exhibit dysfunctions when I enter a toxic environment, and shall strive to know when it is time to leave such a place no matter how hard it is to leave behind those that I love.



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