Rotating Flipcharts Facilitation Technique

rotating flipchart facilitation

There are times when facilitating a big group of people is necessary. One of the hardest things a facilitator faces is trying to keep a group of people on track and on time. Trying to keep more than ten people on track and on time is hard enough, but double that and you could quickly find yourself in facilitation hell. If you have a set of topics that you want to discuss and include everyone in, Rotating Flipcharts can be a really useful facilitation technique that breaks a large group into smaller ones and still ensure the groups communicate with each other.

The World Cup Retrospective

Team watching world cup football

With the Soccer World Cup getting into full swing, my current team talk of little else. We have a sweepstake going and I have Poland. The winner will receive £100. Given the level of excitement the team has for the World Cup I decided to tap into that for their retrospective last week. The format worked really well, and the team loved the competition element. If your team is football crazy, try it out with them too. Continue reading “The World Cup Retrospective”

POWER Start Your Meetings

How many meetings have you been in that you didn’t understand why you or someone else was there? Or perhaps you didn’t know why the meeting was happening or what the meeting was expected to deliver? On average, an hour meeting attended by ten people costs the business £500. Roll this out to a couple of meetings a week, and that team is burning through £4,000. For investment we better be getting a good return. Worse still, if that meeting didn’t come to a solid conclusion and setup another meeting, the cost of delay could be high. An easy to adopt meeting facilitation technique that can help to dramatically increase meeting output, increase ROI, and reduce the cost of delay is a POWER start. Continue reading “POWER Start Your Meetings”